Royal Oak Burial Park Launches Green Burial Website

Victoria, BC , May 2011 – Stephen Olson of Royal Oak Burial Park is pleased to announce the launch of their new Green Burial Website. This modernized resource is community-focused, and will be an excellent source of information for the residents of the Greater Victoria community.

In October 2008 Royal Oak Burial Park in Victoria, BC opened Canada’s 1st urban green burial interment site and. They now complement this service by providing web access to a wealth of green burial information.

Stephen Olson, executive director at Royal Oak Burial Park stated,  ”We are certified as an approved natural burial provider by the Green Burial Council of North America and would like our community to benefit from it.”

The key features of the new website are:

  • A wealth of information accessible through a continuously updated website
  • Photos and videos that are easily added without additional costs
  • Personalized information delivered direct to the Victoria community
  • A Google and search engine friendly design that promotes quick and easy access on a local and international scale

“We pride ourselves as being not-for-profit and community owned – our green burial website will offer our community more information about our affordable services.” added Stephen.

About Royal Oak Burial Park
The Board of Cemetery Trustees of Greater Victoria is comprised of 6 volunteer directors, with 3 trustees appointed by Victoria, and 3 appointed by the District of Saanich.

Services are provided to all persons irrespective of race, colour, religion, or any other categorization. All revenues that are collected or generated at the Burial Park are used solely for the benefit of the cemetery. No person(s) and/or municipality retain any cemetery revenues for their personal or general benefits. All development, operations and care costs are recovered through the fees charged for the goods and services offered.

The Burial Park does not receive tax dollar subsidy from either of its municipalities.

Visit their website at

Stephen, Olson

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